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About Us

We're working together to meet all of your insurance needs. Please feel free to contact with one of our insurance specialists.

Today, situations and lifestyles vary so greatly that each case presents a unique challenge. Discount Insurance Agency, utilizes informed protection, planning and decisive action to meet the challenges posed by businesses and individuals. Since 1987, we've grown to meet the increased demand for our quality services. This means that today we can offer you the "peace of mind" for your property or business. Our experienced staff provides you with the personal attention and prompt service.

We are an Independent Insurance Agency:

Unlike an insurance agency which exclusively provides coverage from one source, Discount Insurance Agency offers the services of several insurance companies. We follow very strict criteria when choosing the insurance companies we represent, and constantly monitor their performance to ensure you the best possible service. In addition, we continually evaluate new insurance companies and products that may be an asset to your personal or business security. More importantly, we don't work for an insurance company; we work with you, for you!


Working together as a team toward one common goal, Discount Insurance Agency is dedicated to assist you in obtaining an adequate insurance policy to protect your assets. We are committed to getting to know you and your unique insurance needs. In doing so, we can utilize our vast resources, including the impressive list of insurance companies we represent and our highly skilled staff of insurance experts, to devise the best possible program for you.

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to achieve a consistently high level of customer satisfaction by:

> Listening to the customer

> Responding to his/her needs with integrity and responsibility

> Providing quality property insurance at a very competitive insurance rates

> Maintaining standards of excellence in customer service

> Improving all procedures on a regular, ongoing basis through teamwork with our policyholders & associates.